• Comprehensive physical examination
• Microscopic fecal examination for parasites (hook, round, whipworms, coccidia, giardia) Tapeworms are usually the only type that may be seen without a microscope.
• DHPP First puppy vaccine
• Bordetella vaccine
• Review puppy pack
• preventative care information
• housebreaking
• basic training
• product information
• Start heartworm preventative and flea control (continue for life)
• All puppies should be dewormed for hook and roundworms even if fecal is negative per recommendations of Centers for Disease Control, because people (especially children) may become infected.

• DHPP Booster vaccine
• Leptospirosis vaccine if “at risk”
• Address any questions– We can recommend puppy classes!

• DHPP Booster vaccine
• Leptospirosis Booster vaccine if “at risk”

• DHPP Final Booster
• Rabies Vaccine with Rabies tag and county license
• Final Fecal examination
• Schedule Spay or Neuter – See the informative handout in the puppy pack
• Socializing your puppy with people and pets is important at this early stage. Socialize only with pets up to date on vaccinations and dewormed.
• Did you know behavior problems are the #1 reason pets are relinquished to shelters? Puppy classes are highly recommended to build a relationship between your puppy(or dog) and his/her family.
www.petsforlife.org, http://www.petplace.com, and our website (https://www.amc-la.com) are excellent sources for information on training, behavior, and medical problems!
• Deworming of ALL puppies for hook and roundworms must begin at 2 weeks of age and continue every 2 weeks until started on heartworm preventative (8-10 weeks old). This is to prevent life-threatening anemia and is recommended by the Human Center for Disease Control.

Thank you for bringing your pet to the Animal Medical Center of Lehigh Acres!