There are 2 new convenient ways to contact us: our New Mobile App, and Two-way texting!

Our New Mobile App is called PetDesk.

A powerful tool to help manage your pet’s care schedule.

What is PetDesk?

PetDesk is a safe, free smartphone app that makes it easier to manage your pet’s health. It is available for both IOS and Android devices. PetDesk doesn’t take up much space on your phone, and there are no unwanted messages or ads.

Why should I use the PetDesk app?

Here are some of the ways that PetDesk can help you communicate with your veterinary professionals at Animal Medical Center of Lehigh Acres:

  • Keep track of your pet’s appointments, vaccinations, and medication history.
  • Get reminders to book your pet care appointments through the app or by text or email.
  • Schedule and confirm appointments easily, 24/7, and, if you wish, you can also integrate the app with your phone’s calendar.
  • Receive messages from your veterinarian about prescription pick-ups and post-admit updates.

You can use it to book an appointment, view your pet’s prescription history and details, request prescription refills, and access information about our practice.

To start using the app:

1) Download PetDesk from the App Store or get it on Google Play
2) Use the Email you have on file with our clinic to set up your account

Whether you have the mobile app or not, you can text us anytime at:



Pet Desk App



Helpful How To Guides for the app:

pet desk medication refill request

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