Mission Statement:
To be an AAHA accredited, client-centered veterinary hospital that practices team-based health care delivery and promotes patient advocacy.

Core Values:
• Leaving the doctor-centered practice and move towards the client-centered practice, where everyone must be patient advocates. This requires a “healthcare delivery team”, where staff knows their job expectations, have protocols to follow and have support from team members.
• Recommend what is in the best interest of the patient- Encouraging responsible pet ownership and promoting preventative healthcare.
• Effective Communication – History documentation, verbal and written reports to clients, throughout the hospital.
• A healthy environment- For all staff, clients and patients: Professional, courteous and positive; clean and organized.
• Be open to change, accepting that quality control is a continuously improving process.
• Strive to follow the AAHA standards of accreditation, to provide the best quality healthcare delivery, client satisfaction and efficient staff utilization.